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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Union to meet midwives amid obstetrics closure

The Nursing and Midwifery Federation will today meet midwives at the Millicent Hospital to discuss their futures.
Country Health SA last week announced plans to close obstetric services at the hospital because of a lack of doctors with obstetric and anaesthetic skills and a drop in births.
The decision has caused a community backlash, with the local mayor saying it goes against assurances that the service would remain intact.
The federation's Rob Bonner says he wants to meet Country Health SA before it finalises the plan.
"We would hope that Country Health SA will listen to our members, will listen to the local community and local government and revisit this kneejerk decision it's announced last week," he said.
He says about six midwives at the hospital stand to lose their jobs.
"Those midwives now are being asked ... to make decisions about where they see their personal and professional futures," he said.
"At least one midwife has already moved her employment to Mount Gambier so she can remain actively practising in the area.
"Others are considering whether they want to do the same."

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