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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hormone Therapy, A woman gave birth to five baby twins

Hormone Therapy, A woman gave birth to five baby twins

News Daily- A 26-year-old woman gave birth to twins five on Friday, 18/03/2011 at General Hospital Vienna. “The five healthy baby once, as well as her mother,” said the Head of Gynecology, AKH Raft, Peter Husslein, told the daily Oesterreich.

Baby quintuplets, all female, were born via cesarean section in the evening and now each one a team of doctors treated separately.
Fifth twins who were born prematurely in the 29th week of pregnancy, each of which weighs 1,000 grams–.Planned caesarean was actually performed next week, but should be brought forward after the young mother suffered a heart disorder.
More than 40 people, from experts to the field of anesthesia and a pediatrician involved in the birth process, said medical director Reinhard Krepler AKH.
Parents of twins that already have five six-year-old daughter. Since then, he is undergoing hormone therapy after failing to have another child, said the newspaper Kurier.

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